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SSMI Accreditation & Recognition

It's Prof. Mikel J Harry who introduced Black Belt, Green Belt certification system to the world in 1993 and trained world's first-ever Black Belts the world has ever come to know. He designed the original Black Belt programme Body of knowledge at Motorola. The fundamental approach used in Six Sigma – 'the DMAIC methodology' was introduced by Prof. Harry based on his PhD research, initially known as a Logic filtering mechanism.

For Chronological evolution of Six Sigma with facts:

Since Bill Smith's passing in 1993 (who co-created Six Sigma with Prof. Harry), It's Prof. Mikel J Harry who popularised the concept of Six Sigma to the world (over 24 years). He consulted over 50 + Fortune 500 companies generating over $500B savings during this time, making Six Sigma a global phenomenon. Most books, magazines commonly refer to him as the Principal Architect of Six Sigma just for this primary fact. He has mentored world's Top CEOs like Jack Welch, Bob Galvin and Jack Nassar who Championed Six Sigma in their companies to generate Billions of dollars. You can find Jack Welch's many titles referring to the great work Prof. Mikel Harry has carried out towards the growth of GE.



















Prof. Harry has written over 50+ titles that are still used as a reference by many practitioners worldwide. Where most of his titles were National Best-sellers. For chronological evolution of Six Sigma, please visit this link

It's just like Prof. Michael Porter needs no accreditation on his Five forces model or Generic strategy model from anyone but himself; there is no requirement for the originator of Six Sigma to seek validation of his own concept from a third party. Just like Harvard or Stanford need no accreditations from any party on their programmes,  Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Inc. (SSMI) has not sought any accreditation from anybody or party on their original Six Sigma programmes.

In an ideal scenario, It's SSMI that should be looking at accrediting other programmes; however, we have opt-out of it as it would be a conflict of interest, as we are still engaged in training and certification. This was a decision taken by Prof. Mikel J Harry.

On ethical grounds, we don't comment about any of other certification exams, listing sites (companies that list names of an organisation for money saying they're accredited) out there created by many private companies and 6th  or 7th  generation tutors on the subject.  

We would like you to independently assess the credibility of these institutes and their recognition in the market. Most companies that portray themselves as international bodies are just web sites managed by individuals who would list any company for a fee or companies that provide training certification to induce creative recognition for their programmes. Most companies and individuals are aware of this and don't recognise these credentials at the time of hiring for their roles.


There is nobody to accredit any of the Lean Six Sigma programmes in the world. In 2011 ISO introduced few guidelines ISO 13053: 1 & 2 that outlined the minimum number of hours that a Black Belt programme (160 hours) or Green Belt (80 hours) programme should be and SSMI provides way more coverage than any of these standards combined. SSMI Black Belt programme is of 232 hours, and the Green Belt programme is of 152 hours.

if you are still in the initial phase of figuring out which party to proceed with your Lean Six Sigma credential, please visit our Youtube Channel to listen to our Alumni Testimonials or reach out to them directly via Linkedin.  

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