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  • The SSMI® Lean Six Sigma GreenBelt - Industrial/Manufacturing Certification programme is the purest form of Green Belt training available in the world designed and delivered by the Co-creator of Six Sigma and National Best Selling Author Dr.Mikel J Harry ( to suit the Manufacturing / Industrial sector with decades of successful application of Lean Six Sigma for World's Top Corporates. 

  • The Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing / Industrial Green Belt Program-of Study is intended to develop technical leaders that are capable of propelling their respective organizations toward best-in-class status by reducing costs, improving cycle times, eliminating defects, eliminating variation and significantly increasing customer satisfaction. Industrial Green Belts are highly trained practitioners who possess the technical knowledge and skills that are necessary to facilitate breakthrough improvements in key processes that support the overall business aims and operational goals of an enterprise.


  • The programme is developed with years of research and contains over 800+ videos and hundreds of resources for participants to obtain mastery on Lean Six Sigma. SSMI Lean Six Sigma programme is offered on both fully Online using MindPro® training system and blended delivery methods.

  • All participants upon completion of the programme can obtain their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification directly from SSMI, USA

  • Most of today's Lean Six Sigma programmes are delivered by the 6th or 7th generation of practitioners, which has lead to inconsistency in programme delivery and misinterpretation. In contrast, SSMI Lean Six Sigma programme provides participants with the correct understanding of the foundations and underlining principles governing the subject.

The most recognised accredited lean six sigma green belt

 Dr. Mikel J Harry, Principal Architect of Six Sigma 



​To obtain your Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing / Industrial Green Belt (CLSSGB) credential, you are required to complete the following two requirements.

  • Completion of online knowledge assessments at the end of each module 

  • The Green Belt - Industrial/ Manufacturing Programme is structured with 17 comprehensive modules for participants to complete.

  • Each module comprises of an Open book Knowledge assessment that needs be completed at the end of each module.

  • Each module assessment comprise of 3 to 84 questions which participants need to score more than 70% 

  • Participants are provided 3 free attempts to complete each knowledge assessment and there's no time limit or an order to complete each assessment.

  • You can take your exam any time of the day or year based on your convenience from anywhere in the world

  • Completion of Digital Training Project Assessment' and Submission of a  Live project  

  • The simulated project provides each candidate with the opportunity to exercise all the key tools and methods, yet done so in the context of a life-like DMAIC project. In this way, candidates are able to practice their new skills in a controlled environment and then be evaluated on their efforts prior to being made responsible for the execution of a live on-the-job value-centric project. The Digital training project assessment comprises of 151 questions and the pass mark is 70% 

  • Participants are provided 3 free attempts to complete the Project assessment and there's no time limit for the assessment. You can take your exam any time of the day or year based on your convenience from anywhere in the world

  • Apart from the Digital Training Project, it's mandatory that participants undertake a real-life project under the guidance of a Master Black Belt in most partner locations.



  • Basic arithmetic skills are essential (i.e., be able to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and work with fractions and decimals). Basic computer skills are also essential. In this context, a rudimentary understanding of Excel is highly recommended, but not essential. Furthermore, a most rudimentary understanding of algebra is a plus, but not required. 

  • Completion of a Professional Qualification or an Academic Degree or SSMI Yellow Belt Certification is mandatory for Direct Entry. 

  • We strongly recommend our programme to already certified Green Belts to undertake our programme to calibrate themselves against the original Green Belt programme content that was used to generate individuals in top corporates making billions of dollar savings.



  • The SSMI® Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Manufacturing/ Industrial programme of study consist of approximately 80+ hours of training videos and content that can be completed within two to three months of online or blended study. However, participants can take up to 06 months to complete their programme


SSMI Asia Channel

SSMI Asia Channel

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The most recognised accredited lean six sigma green belt



The body of knowledge associated with this program-of-study is organized into three primary segments; namely, Global Concepts, General Practices and Technical Practices. In terms of structure, each program segment is comprised of core topics. In turn, the topics are defined by competency-based training modules, where each module is comprised of instructional steps. Segment and topic titles are as follows:


Global Concepts 

  • Training Orientation

  • Breakthrough Vision

  • Business Principles

  • Process Management

  • Installation Guidelines 

  • Application Projects


General Practices

  • Value Focus

  • Lean Practices

  • Quality Tools

  • Basic Statistics

  • Continuous Capability

  • Discrete Capability

Technical Practices 

  • Hypothesis Testing 

  • Confidence Intervals  

  • Control Methods 

  • Parametric Methods 

  • Survey Methods 

  • Measurement Analysis  

  • Digital Training Project

The most recognised accredited lean six sigma green belt
The most recognised accredited lean six sigma green belt


  • Access to Dr Mikel J Harry SSMI® Green Belt Body of Knowledge for a period of six months consisting of 800+ videos designed and delivered by Dr.Mikel J Harry  

  • FREE 72 hours of Virtual Support Session by SSMI MBBs

  • Additional training on Minitab, JMP and Excel statistical software

  • Downloadable 1600+ Training Slides

  • Forty plus method documents

  • Excel Simulators

  • Tool documents

  • Concept documents

  • Free Minitab 19 Trial for 30 days

  • Access to 'Ask Dr Harry' portal

  • Project mentoring sessions (on request)

  • Access to Free Webinars conducted by SSMI

Upon completion of the training Participant shall receive:

  • Programme Qualification Letter from SSMI, USA(delivered electronically upon completion of all module exams)

  • Programme Proficiency Letter and Green Belt Programme Completion Certificate from SSMI, USA (delivered electronically upon completion of Digital training project)

The most recognised accredited lean six sigma green belt



  • The programme is offered at pricing suitable for each geographical region in Asia taken into consideration its Consumer Price Index and we have appointed representatives in most Asian countries to assist you with the registration process. Please click below for more information relating to pricing applicable for your region.

  • We also offer discounted corporate pricing for organisations, multiversities, consultancy firms enrolling 10 or more  candidates  

  • SSMI® Lean Six Sigma BoK is designed and delivered by the world's leading authority and Co-founder of Six Sigma who is also the founder of the original Black Belt Certification system and DMAIC methodology. Hence we strongly believe, there is no accreditation body that is qualified to validate our content or the certification process on Six Sigma. We would like to also reiterate, Dr Mikel J Harry has not endorsed or liaised with any of the organisations offering Six Sigma programme accreditation as a product or a service and was not involved or have endorsed any of the standards published under Six Sigma or Lean. 

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