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Introduction to The 4th Generation of Six Sigma, The Great Discovery , Nov 22, 2010

Dr Mikel J Harry's Special message to Sri Lanka, 2016

Sandra Harry's Speaks about The Great Discovery Programme - 4th Generation of Six Sigma at BOTES , 2018 

MindPro 4.0 Launch Video

The Lean Six Sigma Song


"The Greatest Business Story Ever Told"

Dr. Mikel J Harry Interview by Mike Martinez, Frank Donohue for Lean Freak Show, 17th July 2014

"The Future of Six Sigma"

Dr. Mikel J Harry Interview by Mike Richman and Dirk Dusharme for Quality Digest Live, 29th July 2011

"Motorola and ASU Endorses Dr. Mikel J. Harry", February 20, 2003

Introduction to MindPro by Dr Mikle J Harry,  Jul 22, 2011

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